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Hi friends!  I’m Rhianna and I’m a Reno, Nevada native.  My day job involves working long hours in a courtroom and my night job involves wine tasting and travel planning (my husband loves that I do the latter together).  My backyard is the California wine country, where you can find me any day off from my 8 to 5.   I started this blog to share my wine and travel experiences to help inspire you to travel and drink great wine along the way.  Life is too short to drink a bad bottle of wine or stay in a murdery hotel room.  However, I will not dump out a bad bottle of wine.  That’s considered a felony where I work.

I have a Bachelors degree in business and I work in the government legal field.  So as you can see, I’m very qualified to write about wine and traveling.  All kidding aside, I created this blog because I’ve found that there’s not a lot of blogs written for the amateur wine drinker and traveler.  I’m not a sommelier or a professional journalist.  I’ve never been to Thailand or experienced a college semester abroad.  I am an average wine drinker and travel enthusiast with extremely high expectations for a wine priced over fifty dollars.  I love to drink wine and travel the wine country any chance I can get.  I learn by experience.  What I offer are my tips and experiences for the normal, non-professional wine drinker and traveler on a budget; just like me.  I’m also doing it for the free wine.  Because you get a lot of free wine when you are a wine blogger.

I’m also a dog mom to a labrador named Jimmy and I’m married to a non-wine drinker (he’s a snobby whiskey drinker who instructs bartenders how to make his old-fashioned cocktails…yep, that kind of guy).  I will force my husband to sample and critique various wines with me, and I’ll include his opinions in my posts (I’ll omit his oaky and grapey wine adjectives).  I also run marathons in my free time but have no worry, I’ll refrain from writing about running unless it relates to wine and/or booze.  Which reminds me of a great story about a half-marathon I ran last year.  I unexpectantly drank enough whiskey to put down a 200-pound man the night before the race (I blame the Reno Rodeo and peer pressure), and I ended up finishing third in my division.  Because that’s the kind of person I am….seriously committed to my booze.

Cheers and thanks for visiting my site!


“What wine goes with Captain Crunch?” – George Carlin

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